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Turning Your Marketing Efforts Into Results

Content marketing, digital marketing, direct mail, social media marketing… As an entrepreneur, I am sure you have heard time and time again the importance of marketing your products and services. Marketing, in some form, is absolutely necessary to reach your audience and become profitable. But what do you do when despite all your efforts, your customer base isn’t growing? When, no matter how much you are marketing, you just don’t see any results?

Well, believe it or not, there is a wrong way to market. There are many things that could be wrong, but in this blog, we touch on 10 basic areas to review in order to get it right.

  1. Commitment

  2. Coming up with and executing a proper marketing plan takes time, tremendous effort and commitment. It’s not just spending some money on flyers or a fancy ad. There is research involved. Marketing is something that has to be done strategically over a period of time, not something that can be thrown together overnight.

  3. Do you even have a marketing plan or strategy?

  4. Going into marketing blind is a big mistake! There are so many variables that play into a successful outcome: audience, need, budget, analytics, expectations, etc. These are only a few of many things that have to be considered before your marketing efforts can even begin to develop and produce results.

  5. Understanding Your Market

  6. Just because you have a great idea does not mean you know how to get that idea out to the world. There is so much that goes into marketing. You have to understand which mediums to use and why; when to use them. Understand that for most markets, newspaper ads are outdated. Yet social media is the in thing but not the only thing. Keeping up with marketing trends is almost as important as your marketing itself. It’s ok not to understand everything about building a website, or who your target audience is because your business is your offering. It gets a bit overwhelming. That is why there are experts, like CLEAR, who know the ends and outs of marketing and can help!

  7. Too Much vs. Not Enough

  8. You have to find a happy middle when considering how much to promote your business. We know you can market too little but believe it or not you can also market your business too much. This just means that you can spread yourself too thin and spend good marketing dollars in areas that do not work for your business.

  9. Establishing A Niche

  10. You can promote in all the right ways, butĀ if you are in a market that is already saturated with your product or service something had to set you apart from the rest. Without a unique quality or niche, you just blend in.

  11. Is There A Need For Your Product Or Service?

  12. You may be marketing to the wrong people. Everyone has ideas, but the ideas may not be for everyone. You have to research and determine who your target audience is and go after that segment. What are their needs? Is your product or service providing it? Is there a demand for what you are offering? If not, you may have to reevaluate your audience, product/service or approach.

  13. Budget

  14. There is an age old saying, “It takes money to make money.” Well, it’s true. Spend $200 on a website, your audience is going to get a $200 experience. Maybe you don’t have a huge budget but there is not a cheap way to do marketing well and cover all your bases. When planning your product or service and marketing strategy, plan to spend some money on marketing. And make sure you spend that money wisely. And more priceless than money, TIME. You have to budget your time into marketing because it doesn’t happen overnight.

  15. Change Is Good

  16. Although having a niche can be great for business, try not get so stuck in your niche that you aren’t willing to cater to the needs of your audience. The world is evolving and changing at such a rapid pace, so as business owners if we aren’t willing to bend a little it might cost you in the long run.

  17. Is It Good Enough?

  18. As a consumer, I look at everything before I spend money. Most likely you do as well. If I am looking at the things that represent your product or service, things that represent your BRAND it has to be above par before I shell out the cash. You can’t have a website that isn’t user-friendly, or email marketing that isn’t well-written, or social media posts that aren’t very social and expect your audience to find confidence in our products and services. Make sure what you have is working for what you’re selling (back to number 3, if you can’t hire someone with experience who can).

  19. Marketing Does Not Work Without Action

  20. There is a lot of legwork that goes into making it happen. And don’t get lost in the idea that just because you are doing what you think marketing is that it is supposed to work. Taking strategy and applying it throughout your brand takes consistency and a lot of action.

Get Results

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