sending your message loud and clear

Sending Your Message Loud and CLEAR

“You can have brilliant ideas but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere”. Lee Iacocca hit the nail on the head. Communicating a clear message is not always easy.

Of course, you know what you want to get across, you know what you mean, and you know your intentions. But can you convey that information to your audience?  It’s not as easy as it sounds and we get that!

The following tips will have you sending the perfect message in no time.

Crafting your Message

Organization is key when preparing information for delivery.  Whether it be an email, a speech, a social media post, or a press release, carefully crafting your ideas helps to prevent a messaging disaster.

Here are some tips:

  • Research and validate the information you wish to provide.  You may be a subject matter expert but things change every day!  It is better to know you are right than to assume you are and a client or customer catches the mistake.
  • Make sure your “voice” and tone is consistent throughout the message.  It can be confusing if you are using technical acronyms in the beginning and switch it up to layman’s terms in the end.
  • Don’t stray from the topic.  It is easy to wonder off into subjects that may seem relevant, but it’s more likely to just take the focus from the topic at hand.

Know Your Audience

As with all parts of a business, you need to know your audience.  You would not give a speech to a group of elementary students in the same way you would for a group of CEO’s.  Make sure the information and the language in your message fit the receiver.  You want to meet your audience on common ground.  You do not want to bore them because your wording is too simplistic and you do not want to lose them because your message goes over their head.


Another important thing to consider is the appropriate method to deliver the information.  Is it for social media?  Will an email suffice?  Or should your message be delivered in person?  Evaluate your message to help determine how it should be delivered.  Are you recording a lengthy video?  That might not work for social media but may be perfect for a webinar.  Look at the length of your content, and the intended audience and determine the most appropriate way to send the information.

There is no easy way to sum up delivering an effective message.  A lot goes into preparing a message that will convey what you want while reaching your target audience.

Not sure if you are up for the task?

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