Fast, Cheap, CLEAR

In many cases, your customers want products/services to be fast, cheap AND clear (and occasionally free). Since free is usually a non-starter, we want to address the matter of fast, cheap and clear.

In business, there are very few times when you can provide all 3 expectations effectively. At best, businesses can provide 2 out of 3 of these qualities which means the other desired quality is often missed altogether.

Customers must know what they gain or give up when selecting a product/service that is created: 1) Fast/Cheap, 2) Cheap/Clear, 3) Clear/Fast or 4) Just CLEAR. And it is your job to explain these differences to your customer and to help them find the right combination to satisfy their needs.

To better illustrate the point, check out the image and explanations below:

1. Fast/Cheap =

  • Inferior
  • Not well planned or documented
  • Unreliable

2. Cheap/Clear =

  • Not customized
  • Often borrowed
  • Stretched resources

3. Clear/Fast =

  • Cost a lot more
  • Rushed and may result in some errors
  • Reduces options and availability

4. Just CLEAR

When it comes to our marketing, graphic and website design, we make a choice not to provide rushed, inferior and out-of-the-box services. We provide our clients an understanding of what we can provide based off their expectations, budget, and timeline so that both parties can have a finished product to be proud of at the end of the day.

Our greatest want is to provide clients with marketing which reflect our attention to detail, and desire for customer satisfaction while meeting project goals.

Marketing is not always fast or cheap but your message and objectives should always be clear.

Check us out next week for more marketing and design news, tips, thoughts, and updates. Until then Think CLEAR!