Mobile Pet Grooming Dublin

Jan 30, 2024


Outlet Pet Grooming is your premier choice for mobile pet grooming services in Dublin. With our team of highly skilled groomers and our commitment to delivering unparalleled care, we are dedicated to meeting all your pets' grooming needs. Our convenient mobile grooming salon brings the salon experience right to your doorstep, ensuring your pets' comfort and reducing their stress levels.

Professional Pet Grooming Services

At Outlet Pet Grooming, we understand the importance of maintaining your pets' hygiene and appearance. Our range of professional grooming services covers everything from bathing to haircuts, ensuring that your pets not only look good but also feel happy and healthy.

Bathing and Shampooing

We provide top-quality baths using gentle, pet-friendly shampoos, all tailored to your pets' specific needs. Our expert groomers have the knowledge to select the best products for your pets' coat type, ensuring they receive the proper care and attention they deserve.

Haircuts and Styling

Our groomers are experienced in a variety of breed-specific cuts and can also accommodate any styling preferences you may have for your furry friends. From trims to complete makeovers, we'll ensure your pets look their absolute best.

Nail Trimming

Trimming your pets' nails is an essential part of their grooming routine. Our groomers are skilled in providing gentle and stress-free nail trims, keeping your pets' paws healthy and comfortable.

Ear Cleaning

Proper ear hygiene is crucial for your pets' overall health. Our groomers will carefully clean your pets' ears, reducing the risk of infections and ensuring their ears stay clean and fresh.

Teeth Brushing

Oral hygiene plays a vital role in your pets' health. Our groomers offer professional teeth brushing services, helping to prevent dental issues and promoting fresh breath for your furry companions.

Benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming

Choosing mobile pet grooming services with Outlet Pet Grooming offers numerous benefits for you and your pets:


With our mobile grooming salon, you no longer have to worry about driving your pets to a physical location for grooming. We come to you, eliminating the need for travel and saving you precious time.

Reduced Stress

Many pets can become anxious or stressed when visiting a traditional grooming salon. By opting for mobile grooming, your pets can stay in their familiar environment, providing them with a sense of comfort and reducing their stress levels.

One-on-One Attention

With mobile pet grooming, your pets receive personalized attention from our groomers. There are no other pets around, ensuring your pets have a calm and focused grooming experience.

Health and Safety

Our mobile grooming salon follows strict cleanliness and sanitization protocols. This helps to prevent the spread of germs and ensures a safe and healthy environment for your pets.

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Don't compromise on your pets' grooming needs. Choose Outlet Pet Grooming, the leading mobile pet grooming service in Dublin. Our highly skilled groomers and convenient services will leave your pets looking and feeling their absolute best.

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